Saving energy on our hot water

Saving energy on our hot water

3 Reasons That Can Lead to a Successful Tree Removal Permit Application

Lucy Rice

A tree removal permit is often issued by local council authorities to prevent unregulated removal of trees that could lead to soil erosion, loss of scenic beauty and attractiveness, as well as decline in property values. If you live in a locality that requires you to apply for this permit before you can fell any tree in your yard, you should be in a position to justify why you need to remove the tree/trees in your application.

Here are a number of good reasons that can result in a successful tree removal permit application.

Need to develop your property

As a homeowner, you are entitled to the right of developing your property so that you can make reasonable use of it. If a tree is standing in the way of your intention to construct a new shed, expand your driveway, or the tree is causing problems to your underground sewer lines, you will need it removed.

Attach copies of approved property development plans to your application to demonstrate that the ecology won't be significantly affected by cutting down your tree. For example, the tree shouldn't be a natural habitat to indigenous species of birds, insects, rodents, etc.

Need to eliminate an unstable tree

Because of its poor health, a tree that is dying or diseased can be a source of danger to existing structures as well as people present in your home. In the event of a heavy storm, for example, the tree might easily be brought down by the force of the storm, resulting in costly damage to your house and even hurting your loved ones. Hence, you will need to eliminate such danger as soon as possible.

Take pictures showing signs of your tree's physical instability and attach the pictures to your tree removal permit request. This way, it would be easier for your local council authority to see that the tree you want removed really needs to go when reviewing your application.

Need to control fire hazards

Some tree species like eucalyptus and acacia are notorious for catching and spreading fire fast because they can become extremely desiccated, especially during dry spells. If you have such trees in your yard, you may need to cut down a few selected ones to ensure that there's proper spacing between the remaining trees.

This way, you can reduce fire-induced damage to your property in case of a fire accident. If your local council authority recognises the trees in your yard as potential causes of fire hazards, it shouldn't be hard for you to acquire a tree removal permit.


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