Saving energy on our hot water

Saving energy on our hot water

3 alternatives to using a fire extinguisher if you don't have one handy

Lucy Rice

When you see a fire, the first impulse is to look for a fire extinguisher to put it out. However if you don't have one handy, or your fire extinguisher is broken or not working, it is a good idea to understand what alternatives you can use to help put out a fire. 

Air deprivation

Fire requires three ingredients, which are fuel, air and a spark. If you already have a fire you have a spark so the next option is to starve the fire of air. The most common way to do this is to throw a fire blanket on the fire. If you don't have a fire blanket you can try an alternative such as a bucket of sand. While in movies many people try and throw a bucket of water on the fire, depending on the type of fire, this can actually cause gas or oil fires to spread. 

Fuel deprivation

If you have a small or contained fire the best idea can be to let the fire burn out, particularly if it has a contained fuel source. This can be the case with a small fire such as a fire in a paper bin or a fire in a frying pan which will burn itself out without intervention. Be sure to leave someone observing the fire as it burns out in vase there is an extra source of fire that you have not expected, such as items that fall into the fire from above. 

Quenching the fire

If you have a large and out of control fire it can be hard to control either the supply of fuel or air to the fire. In this case, it is a good idea to call the fire brigade. They can act on the fire from multiple directions and act to quench or cool the fire source which can prevent explosive flames as well as air born fire particles that are known as embers. This is very important if there is a risk that the fire could spread quickly. 

If you have a fire close by it is important to understand how to put the fire out. Having a working fire extinguisher close by can be a great way to stop small fires from growing and needing intervention by the firefighters. Contact a fire extinguisher service to get a good idea of the type of fire extinguisher that may suit your home or office. 

You should also think about buying a new fire extinguisher


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