Saving energy on our hot water

Saving energy on our hot water

Why People Have a Hard Time Clearing Out Clutter, and How You Can Overcome This

Lucy Rice

Do you know that your home is very cluttered and overrun with items that serve no purpose and which you'll probably never use again? Do you still have a hard time getting rid of items, even if you know they're past their prime or that you won't use them in the future? This is a very common problem for people, and for a few reasons in particular. Note how to overcome this reluctance in getting rid of cluttered items around your home so you can create a safe and comfortable environment without all that extra mess.

"But what if..."

A very common argument that people have against removing clutter is that they think they might need an item in the future. "What if I can fit that dress again," or "What if I find time to use those scraps of wood for a new project," are things they often hear in their head. A good way around this is to think seriously about what will change in the future. If you haven't lost the weight needed to fit those old clothes or haven't found the time to work on those projects, what will change in the future to make it happen? Rather than allow those "what if" statements to keep you from cleaning out your house, get a skip bin and clear out those items you honestly know you'll never use in the future.

"They can still be used..."

Another common argument against clearing out clutter is that you may not have a use for certain items, but they're not exactly garbage. You don't want to see them go to a landfill or just get tossed out and wasted. To overcome this, have a box or bags ready for items you can donate to a charity or shelter. You can then get rid of items that aren't actually trash but which you personally don't need, and know that they'll go to a good cause.

"But the environment..."

If you know that items can be recycled, such as old cabinets or scraps of construction material, old windows from a home remodel, and the like, get a skip bin for recycling. Many skip bin companies will take these items to a recycling yard and have them sorted and then broken down. This can include old appliances, car parts, tools, electronics, and many other items that you hesitate to throw away simply because you know they can be recycled somehow. Rather than trying to find recycling facilities yourself, work with skip bin services that will do this for you.


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Saving energy on our hot water

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