Saving energy on our hot water

Saving energy on our hot water

Brush Up: A Guide to Bush Regeneration

Lucy Rice

Most of the time, when people talk about taking care of the environment, they're referring to cutting energy bills or recycling.  Those are certainly good things to do; reducing your carbon footprint won't hurt the planet.  However, it's also possible to take a more hands-on approach to protecting the environment, directly at home in Australia.  One such route is to volunteer as part of a bush regeneration group, seeking to rehabilitate natural environments.

How Does It Work?

Through various carefully cultivated methods, bush regeneration removes obstacles and human interference from the bush in order to help native plants to flourish and regrow.

What Methods Are There?

Most commonly, the process involves carefully removing weeds which are strangling light and resources from other plants, preventing their growth. Once removed, the original local plants will be able to grow unfettered.  This is an ongoing process; weeding may need to occur frequently.  Other techniques may also be necessary.  They may include altering natural drainage by digging trenches, burning off some dead or dying bush, and preventing unnecessary human-inflicted damage to the bush.

How Can I Help?

You could start by volunteering with a local bush regeneration group.  Most areas have a handful; you can check in with the Australian Association of Bush Regeneration if you want to find an accredited group.  However, if you find you'd like to pursue bush regeneration more seriously as a career, then it's possible to do this as well.  Many education institutions offer courses which are helpful for bush regeneration.  You should start by taking one of these courses and then by training under an accredited bush regenerator.  After a specified period of time, which may vary depending on several factors, you can apply for a bush regeneration license.

Why Is It Important?

Not only does bush regeneration protect the aesthetic of the beautiful Australian bush for future generations to enjoy, but it also helps to maintain the ecosystems in the natural environments.  The knock-on effects of changes in the ecosystems can be monumental; animal species can die out, migrate or multiply to the point of becoming troublesome.  Keeping these environments as they should be is a very fulfilling way of doing your bit to protect the natural environment.

Whether you have time to commit to a bush regeneration group or are simply interested in supporting one, it's certainly a worthy cause.  Look up groups in your area for more information and to see specifically what you can do to help.


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Saving energy on our hot water

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