Saving energy on our hot water

Saving energy on our hot water

  • Will your air conditioning be cool enough?

    Everyone likes a comfortable living and working environment. When summer temperatures and humidity rise, it is tempting to turn up the air conditioning. Seemingly regular patterns of heatwaves mean that air conditioning maintenance will be essential to maintain refreshing and stable indoor conditions. The benefits are clear—appropriate temperature and humidity levels have a noticeable effect on staff productivity and customer wellbeing, as well as business profitability. Other considerations include patient comfort in hospitals and residential homes, where fluctuations or extremes have serious consequences.

  • 3 alternatives to using a fire extinguisher if you don't have one handy

    When you see a fire, the first impulse is to look for a fire extinguisher to put it out. However if you don't have one handy, or your fire extinguisher is broken or not working, it is a good idea to understand what alternatives you can use to help put out a fire.  Air deprivation Fire requires three ingredients, which are fuel, air and a spark. If you already have a fire you have a spark so the next option is to starve the fire of air.

  • Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Home With a Septic Tank

    A septic tank is not uncommon for homes that are a bit remote, as connecting to the city sewer lines can be difficult for homes that are many miles or kilometres away from main sewer lines. These tanks may also be more common in older homes that were never connected to city sewer lines when they were installed. Whatever the reason for a septic tank to be on a property, note a few important questions to ask when you're thinking of buying such a home; this will ensure the septic tank is in good condition.

  • Brush Up: A Guide to Bush Regeneration

    Most of the time, when people talk about taking care of the environment, they're referring to cutting energy bills or recycling.  Those are certainly good things to do; reducing your carbon footprint won't hurt the planet.  However, it's also possible to take a more hands-on approach to protecting the environment, directly at home in Australia.  One such route is to volunteer as part of a bush regeneration group, seeking to rehabilitate natural environments.

  • Why People Have a Hard Time Clearing Out Clutter, and How You Can Overcome This

    Do you know that your home is very cluttered and overrun with items that serve no purpose and which you'll probably never use again? Do you still have a hard time getting rid of items, even if you know they're past their prime or that you won't use them in the future? This is a very common problem for people, and for a few reasons in particular. Note how to overcome this reluctance in getting rid of cluttered items around your home so you can create a safe and comfortable environment without all that extra mess.

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Saving energy on our hot water

I have 4 teenagers in the house and the moment and they take a lot of showers between them. It can get very expensive to go through that much hot water which is why we have recently had a solar hot water system installed. It is a great way to save money on how water when you have a family that takes a lot of hot showers and it is also very cost effective. This blog has some tips on choosing a solar hot water system for a large damilu and should be useful for anyone looking to save time and money.